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Registration for Income Tax and Tax Compliance Status.

Income tax registration must be done as soon as the Company, Cooperative is registered with the CIPC. We normally register Companies for income tax as soon as we complete the company registration with the CIPC.

To be able to submit tenders and database registration forms, the Company will have to get a Tax Compliance Status (TCS) from the South African Revenue Services. As Nablie Accountants, we have the people to do this tedious job effectively and speedily.

In essense Nablie Accountants could be a single stop for all your statutary registration needs. You can avoid the ques at these government offices and focus on your business. Start up registrations can take upto a month of your valuable business time. We have been in the business long enough to make this process smooth, effective and in less time.

Income Tax Registration for Companies, Close Corporations and Cooperatives:

To register for income tax for entities mentioned above, we need the following:

  1. Certified ID copies for all Directors or Members
  2. Copy of the company registration documents .
  3. A completed and signed power of attorney form, download it



  1. A completed Income Tax Registration Form, download it


  1. We charge an administration fee of R350.00 for this process.

Tax Compliance Status:

To get a TCS the following documents are mandatory:

  1. Certified ID copy of atleast one Director or Member.
  2. Income Tax Number.
  3. A completed and signed TCC form, download it



  1. We charge an administration fee of R350.00 TCS applications for new and dormant companies.

Application can be done directly at the Nablie Offices OR by post.

Our office address is: Suite No. 5 Lakeview Gardens, 358 Visagie Street Pretoria 0002.

Our Postal address is: P O Box 4460, Pretoria 0001.

Applications can be couried to our physical address or posted through speed services to our postal address.

For prompt responses to queries please direct them by email, alternatively you can call us on 012 320 4550.

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