Price List

Nablie Accountants Price List.

Not all services are included in the price list. Other services will have prices in their own pages, other services do not appear at all on this site. Please contact us direct for such services. The prices below are subjected to change without any notice.

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Service Price Requirements
Accounting Officer’s letter R1000.00 Annual Financial Statements
Annual financial Statements POR Source Documents
Auditor referal R1000.00 N/A
B-BBEE letter for EME’s R500
Bookkeeping services POR Source Documents
Close Corporation(CC) amendment R650.00 Certified ID Copies
CK2 or CK2A
Close Corporation (CC) change of name R450.00 Certified ID Copies
Conversion of CC to (Pty) Ltd R650.00 Certified ID copies
(Pty) Ltd Registration form
CC memorundum of understanding (MOU) R2,500.00 A meeting with members
Company shareholder agreement (CSA) R4,500.00 A meeting with Directors
Consulting for B-BBEE (Preparations for achieving best level in BBBEE rating, QSE and Generic) R6,000.00 to R30,000.00 Company files
Company Registration (Pty) Ltd R1,350.00 Certified ID Copies and
PTY LTD registration form
Company Registration – Non Profit (NPC) R1,500.00 Certified ID Copies and
NPC Registration form.
Cooperative registration R1,500.00 Certified ID copies and
Cooperative registration form
Company Profiles R1,500.00 A meeting with directors/members
Income Tax Registration R500.00 Certified ID copies
Power of Attorney form, Company registration documents and Income Tax Registration form
Import and Export Registrations R2000.00 Certified ID Copies, Company certificates and completed application form.
Tax Clearance Certificates R500.00 The price is for new and dormant companies.
Certified ID copies, power of Attorney form and TCC application form.
Trust Registrations R4,500.00 Meeting with the Trustee or Founder
CIDB Grade 1 R1,200.00 Tax Clearance, Company Certificate, Share Certificate, Certified ID Copies.
CIDB Grade 2 R3,000.00 Meeting
Basic Business Plan R3,500.00 Meeting
Bankable Business Plan R12,500.00 to R100,000.00. Meeting
 NHBRC  R7,000.00  Completion of form